來自日本著名家具生產地 - 高山飛驒、大川、北海道

We offer a range of Japan handcrafted furniture :Dining table, Chair, Sofa, TV Board, Bed, Wardrobe & Accessories.

All our product which come from famous Japan furniture area Hida Takayama, Okawa, Hokkaido.


2017年開業至今,服務超過三千個家庭。除日本傢俬外,更搜羅各式日系生活小物。云集逾50個日本家具及精物品牌,全新萬呎優閒而療癒身心的日系生活空間,等你發掘 !



1.  HASHIZUME 品牌全線產品可獲85折。 (優惠細則 T&C )

Save 15% on HASHIZUME 's products.



2. 其他正價貨購物 : 滿1萬95折, 2萬9折。

Purchase over $10, 000 get 5% off,  Purchase over $20, 000 get 10% off.

日本家具專門店-Japan Wooden Furniture Outlet Sale 2021

3. 家居 OUTLET低至 50% OFF ! 多款季未清倉新貨、陳列品、瑕疵品等將陸續特價傾銷 ! (優惠細則 T&C )

Up to 50% Off Outlet Zone Now on Sale!! A variety of seasonally clearance items, display items, defect items for Sale!

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