來自日本著名家具生產地 - 高山飛驒、大川、北海道等

We offer a range of Japan handcrafted furniture :Dining table, Chair, Sofa, TV Board, Bed, Wardrobe & Accessories.

All our product which come from famous Japan furniture area Hida Takayama, Okawa, Hokkaido etc.



 3 週年優惠回饋 精選餐枱餐椅套裝 低至 $10,250 起   (了解更多)

3rd Anniversary Dinging Set Special Offer Up to $10,250  (More Details)


日本家具專門店-Japan Wooden Furniture in Big Sale (Main)


3 週年優惠回饋 以下 特選新貨 及 陳列貨品 一律 68 折 發售

3rd Anniversary Special Offer 32% OFF


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