Live A Life Home is a furnishing company offering a platform for delicate and fabulous wooden home furniture. It enables you to create a gorgeous design and style for your home. We believe that home styling is the key for a lovely and charming home. Indeed, home is a place you should cherish and treasure for your life and family.
We source our furniture around the world to offer superior quality and unique designed products at the most affordable price. We deal directly with the passionate manufacturers who can guarantee quality standard, meaning no costly middlemen, hence we can provide contemporary furniture at an affordable price.




Everyone knows what’s the best for their home - it is your unique interior design that brings bliss and comfort. We are driven to assist you furnishing your dream house with own life style by providing a wide variety of comfy, distinctively designed, functional home furniture for your desire.



Solid wood furniture is a continuation of the life of trees and brings your house to green nature. This durable material makes luxury your home with cozy, simple, vitalized style.



We adhere an attitude to love where you live. To transform a house to your home, where will be the germ of happiness, family and life. You are deserved to have a better life with our passion on this belief.




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