Timber Furniture Care (solid and veneer)  


- Use tablecloths, table runners and coasters to help protect surfaces from scratching.
- Dust once a week using a soft cloth or similar duster.
- Only use freedom recommended care products as many supermarket polishes and waxes contain high levels of silicon and petroleum distillate which can damage the surface.
- Polish your furniture every 3 to 6 months, making sure the surface is free from dust before you start.


- Avoid placing hot or wet items directly on the surface as they can leave marks which are difficult to remove.
- Avoid direct sunlight, as this will cause colour change. If the furniture is in direct sunlight, move items like vases around to avoid spotting.
- Avoid applying too much polish as this will build up and need to be removed with a wood-cleaning product.



- Protect leather from direct sunlight and sources of heat to prevent colour fading
- For general cleaning only use a dry soft cloth
- If necessary, wipe or lightly rub the whole surface with a clean, soft cloth wrung in soapy water
- If vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratching the surface
- We recommend using Leather Cleaner for cleaning the sofa/chair 2–3 times a year

Understand of Wood

Timber is a treasurable raw material in the earth.  Properties of woods are lightweight, soft, durable and easy to care.  Providing by the characteristic of wood, it reveals particular grain pattern in different kinds of wood.  This exhibits a unique design, texture and aesthetic element.  Herewith the variety of woods showcase in our shop.  



Walnut is one of the most versatile and popular cabinet making woods. It grows in Europe, America.Walnut is strong, hard and durable, without being excessively heavy. It has excellent woodworking qualities, and takes finishes well. The wood is light to dark chocolate brown in color with a straight grain in the trunk



Teak is a yellow to dark brown hardwood which is extremely heavy, strong and durable. Often strongly figured, teak may show straight grain, mottled or fiddleback figures. It carves well, but because of its high value, is often used as a veneer.



Oak is a hard wood which is strong and durable. American Oak is very resistant to insect and fungal attack due to its high tannin content.Oak has been used throughout history for its durability and very attractive markings. The debate room in the House of Commons in London features American Oak panelling.



Beech is a hard, strong, heavy wood with tiny pores and large conspicuous medullary rays, similar in appearance to maple. This relatively inexpensive wood has reddish brown heartwood and light sapwood. Beech is often used for frames, a variety of bent and turned parts.



Maple is so hard and resistant to shocks. Its diffuse evenly sized pores give the wood a fine texture and even grain. Maple that has a curly grain is often used for violin backs. Maple is used extensively for American colonial furniture, especially in medium priced categories.



Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and a white to light brown color. Ash is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces.



Hackberry Wood is a light brown to gray. Wide sapwood is a contrasting light yellow. Susceptible to blue-gray fungal staining if not processed promptly. It’s overall appearance is similar to ash. Hackberry is reputed to among the very best woods for steam bending among hardwoods native to the United States and Canada.



Hemlock wood is light reddish brown. Sapwood may be slightly lighter in color but usually isn’t distinguished from the heartwood. Occasionally contains dark streaks caused by bark maggots. The conspicuous growth rings can exhibit interesting grain patterns on flatsawn surfaces.



Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 100 species worldwide. Pine is a soft, white or pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure. It resists shrinking and swelling. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect. Pine is often used for country or provincial furniture. Pickled, whitened, painted and oil finishes are often used on this wood.


Rubber Wood

Rubberwood is also known as plantation hardwood,parawood , ithas a dense grain that is easily controlled in the kiln drying process. Rubber-wood has very little shrinkage making it one of the more stable construction materials available for furniture, toys and kitchen accessories. It is easily worked, and takes on stains uniformly. As with all hardwoods, rubberwood comes in varying degrees of quality.